An educator by trade, Marquis Taylor has devoted his professional career to advocating on behalf of students from marginalized and underserved backgrounds. As a self-identified first-generation college graduate, Marquis recognizes the value of authenticity and the space needed for individuals to express themselves openly without fear of judgment.

Currently serving as a student success coach, he credits his many years in advising and coaching as a catalyst for authentic expression and encourages others to see the richness in their words, and most of all their story.

In addition to his role as an educator, Marquis is a speaker, consultant, workshop facilitator and a writer where he previously served as a contributing author to the Michigan Chronicle and FrontPage, a weekly newspaper based in his hometown Detroit, Michigan.

He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Wayne State University (2009) and Master of Arts Degree in Higher Education Student Affairs from Eastern Michigan University (2013).

If you wish to contact Marquis, feel free to email him at iamauthenticallyme313@gmail.com