Who Am I?

“Who am I?” is one of the earliest and most frequent questions we often pose to ourselves. Whether we’re taking on a new role or engaging in a new experience, it is likely that we’ve questioned who we are in some form or capacity. For instance, take a moment to reflect on some of the transitions that have taken place in your life. At what point did you, or someone close to you call your identity into question?

One common transition that immediately comes to mind is the one that occurs as we approach our adolescence.  For many of us, it is a time when our body undergoes changes which can dictate the way we view ourselves or how others view us. It is also during this time where we find ourselves at a crossroads with who we truly are or who we have suddenly become. Call it an identity crisis or call it a system of change, more often than not there are instances where we find ourselves gazing in the mirror and failing to recognize the reflection before our eyes.

My lived experience with this would be my transition from middle to high school where I found myself alone and afraid after being separated from the close friendships that were established in junior high. This was perhaps most reflected in my freshman year where I’d find myself doing things that were completely out of character just for the sake of acceptance.  While my freshman year could have served as a prime opportunity for me to build on my existing identity, I chose a different route and instead did and said things that were simply not true to me.

This led to a harboring sadness that eventually manifested itself into depression. And as result of this depression, my grades began to tank which led to my dismissal from high school at the end of freshman year.


Looking back, slowly I’ve begun to recognize what it means to be true to yourself and why it is important to be authentic at all times. This experience some 18 years ago has taught me the importance of being your authentic self even if it comes at the expense of your vulnerability. Lack of self-awareness and an injured self-esteem were among the many reasons that prevented me from being true to myself back then, which are also lessons I’ve tried to carry well into my 30s.

I recognize, respect, and acknowledge the space each of us needs to be our true and authentic selves and have created this blog to discuss what that means.

While I do not profess to be an expert in the area of authenticity, I do intend to draw on my own lived experiences (or in some cases the experiences of others) by discussing ways where people can live out their authentic lives in a method that’s effective to them.

This space will also serve as a community for each of us to learn (I’m an educator, I’m a learner by trade), grow and connect together in ways that are meaningful and most of all, authentic.  Simply put, this space just as much yours as it is mine.

This brings me back to the initial question I posed and the answer to that is simple.

Who am I..  Simply put, I am authentically me and it is my hope after reading this blog that you are as well.

Until then I look forward to engaging with each of you!

Authentically yours,



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